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Cryptocafé by Ethichub

Specialty Coffee "Irene and Minerva Microproducers"

Specialty Coffee "Irene and Minerva Microproducers"

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📍 Origin of the coffee: Coming from the expert hands of Irene and Minerva, this coffee is a gem grown under the natural shade of Chiapas biodiversity. In the volcanic land of La Soledad.

☕ Flavor profile:

  • Aroma: Forest fruits.
  • Taste: Tangerine.
  • Body: Silky.
  • Acidity: Medium.

🌱 Cultivation process: This washed process coffee is grown under the natural shade of trees in the volcanic zone of the state of Chiapas at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level, the sum of favorable growth characteristics is reflected in the cup.

🌱 Coffee variety: 100% Arabica coffee: Bourbon.

🌱 Project behind coffee: Harvesting wealth is a cooperative that brings together small unbanked producers in the Soconusco area who meet a series of sustainability and commitment requirements. EthicHub, a collective lending platform, helps them shorten the supply chain by giving them affordable financing and marketing production.

🌱 Sustainability: The production of this coffee contributes to the conservation of multiple species that inhabit the trees that shade these crops, it is part of a shorter production chain, positively impacting the local economy.

✨ Toasted: MEDIUM-LOW

✨ Recommended preparation method: V60 filter.

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