Highlights Temporada 2 Cryptocafé

Highlights Season 2 Cryptocafé

In season 2 of the Cryptocafé, it celebrated the first edition of "Bitcoin Pizza Day" in collaboration with @Pizza_DAO, an event that brought together pizza lovers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in a night full of flavor and fun.

The event was a resounding success, and we want to thank everyone who joined us for this memorable celebration. The party took place at EthicHub's Cryptocafé, located at Calle Bastero 13, Madrid, and brought together 62 attendees who enjoyed a night full of delicious pizza and exciting activities.

A key part of the event was the generous sponsorship of @bitrefill, @VaraNetwork, @VaraNetwork_ES and @gear_techs, which helped make this celebration even more special. Your support is a testament to the growth and importance of events like these around the world.

In addition to the fun and pizza, attendees had the opportunity to learn about the fascinating story behind Bitcoin Pizza Day, shared by @Imolman of @EthicHub. From its humble beginnings to becoming a global celebration, this day has a special place in the hearts of those who celebrate it.

The event also included an exciting contest where winners demonstrated their knowledge of Bitcoin Pizza Day and walked away with exclusive merchandise prizes. The fun and celebration continued with the hashtag #GlobalPizzaParty and #BitcoinPizzaDay.

One of the most delicious aspects of the event was the delivery of irresistible @PapaJohns pizzas by talented barista Renata. Attendees shared their pizza photos using #PizzaRack and #PizzaStack, making everyone's mouth water.

A highlight was the creation of an impressive pizza tower with some of the 62 attendees. A true masterpiece of cheese and dough that became a symbol of the night. Attendees were invited to share their own pizza tower creations using #PizzaStack.

Finally, CryptoCafe thanked all the sponsors, including @Pizza_DAO, @wgmicommunity, @time, @nounsdao, @Collab_Land_, @bitgetglobal, @BitgetSP and @bitrefill, for making Bitcoin Pizza Day an unforgettable celebration.

In addition to Bitcoin Pizza Day, CryptoCafe also announced another exciting event, the ART CryptoWeek Meetup, which took place at its Madrid location on July 7. The event promised to be a unique opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, with the possibility of creating and auctioning their digital works of art.

Admission was free, but space was limited, so those interested did not delay in registering! Attendees were able to enjoy an open bar, receive merchandise gifts, and earn an attendance NFT. Additionally, art supplies were provided for artists to use during the event.

The live auction of artworks created during the event promised to be exciting, with bids starting at 20 euros. The auction process was carried out efficiently through a dedicated Telegram group, providing participants with a smooth and competitive experience.

Vara Network, a platform for creating smart contracts on blockchain, was in charge of creating the NFTs and guaranteed the digital representation of the works of art. This approach allowed for a direct and secure transaction between buyers and artists.

The artworks created joined the Vara Network's growing collection of NFTs, turning the Vara Collection into a digital art gallery showcasing the talent of artists from around the world.

In short, CryptoCafe Season 2 was full of excitement, celebration, and exciting events that demonstrated the growth and continued importance of the cryptocurrency community. From Bitcoin Pizza Day to the ART CryptoWeek Meetup, CryptoCafe remained a vital meeting point for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and art lovers in Madrid and beyond. Don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to participate and celebrate!

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