Chiapas, ecosistema cafetalero emblemático .

Chiapas, emblematic coffee ecosystem.

Chiapas, in the southeast of Mexico, is recognized for its biodiversity and scenic beauty, as well as for being a region that is home to specialty coffee plantations.

Its vast rainforests and extensive nature reserves are habitats for a rich variety of flora and fauna, making it one of the most biodiverse hotspots in the country.

The imposing mahogany, cedar and ceiba trees are part of the distinctive Chiapas landscape.

These trees not only beautify the region, but are also home to an impressive diversity of wildlife, from toucans to colorful quetzals.

Emblematic Ecosystems of Chiapas and Ethical Coffee

In Chiapas, in addition to being an exceptional home to thousands of species, from jaguars and spider monkeys to colorful tropical birds, ethical and sustainable specialty coffee is grown.

Coffee plantations grown under natural shade promote sustainability in the production chain.

Single Origin and Sustainable Farmed Coffee

In this region, single-origin coffee stands out for its exceptional quality and flavor.

Grown in harmony with local biodiversity, these coffees meet the most demanding standards, making Chiapas a benchmark in the coffee industry with a focus on social impact.

Crops that care about the preservation of their trees not only contribute to a crucial cause for the conservation of biodiversity, but are also a reflection of the company's commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

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