Café de filtro, tu taza preferida.

Filter coffee, your favorite cup.

Discover Filter Coffee: Your Cup of Specialty Coffee with Style!

Filter coffee is more than just a drink, it's an art that takes practice to perfect. Imagine: hot water flowing through ground coffee, creating your perfect cup of coffee.

But what makes it perfect for you? The key is in practice, in adjusting the grind, the amount of coffee and the extraction time.

It's a journey to develop your own masterpiece in every cup, and it's worth every experiment!

The 3 Favorite Styles of Preparing Filter Coffee:

  1. Pour-Over Method: Imagine this: hot water pouring over ground coffee in a filter. Yes, it's as simple and magical as it sounds! This method allows you to customize the intensity and extraction time, meaning you can play around with different settings to achieve that perfect cup.

  2. French Press: Do you like your coffee full-bodied and intense flavors? Here is your answer. Ground coffee, hot water, immersion time and pressing! The French Press is like your trusted companion that always gives you what you are looking for: a robust and flavorful experience.

  3. Drip Coffee Maker: For those days when you need a quick dose without the hassle, this is the perfect option. Hot water that slides over the ground coffee evenly. It's an easy and convenient way to brew coffee in large quantities, and it works like a charm!

Filter coffee offers you a clean and balanced flavor experience. It's like a blank sheet of music where you can create your own melody.

Do you want intensity? Or do you prefer softness? Up to you! By playing with the amount of coffee, water and grind, you can design your perfect cup of coffee. Furthermore, each origin of coffee offers a symphony of different flavors. Why not experiment and discover the combination that best suits your taste?

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