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Apolonia and Lázaro specialty coffee | Microproducers

Specialty coffee has become an increasingly popular trend around the world. Coffee lovers seek unique experiences and unmatched flavors, and farmers are working hard to meet these demands. An example of this is the Morales Pérez family, who have managed to produce a specialty coffee with an exceptional sensory profile.

The Morales Pérez family, made up of Don Lázaro and Doña Apolonia, are coffee farmers in the community of Agua Caliente, Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico. This community is located in the Sierra Madre of Chiapas, a mountainous region known for its rich biodiversity and dreamlike landscapes. The Morales Pérez family's coffee plantations are located at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level, at the headwaters of the Coatán and Cahoacán river basins, and are cultivated sustainably under the shade of trees.

The coffee produced by the Morales Pérez family is of the Typica and Catimor varieties, and is processed using the gentle washing method. After the washing process, the coffee is dried naturally, using the sun and the wind. This drying process gives the coffee special and unique characteristics, which can be seen in its sensory profile.

The sensory profile of the Morales Pérez family's coffee is impressive. It has an aroma of stone fruit and almond, with a flavor of panela, hazelnut and cocoa, and a creamy body. The acidity is mild, which makes this coffee very pleasant to the palate. Plus, it has a perfect balance of sweetness and aftertaste, making it a unique specialty coffee experience.

The Morales Pérez family coffee has been evaluated by expert coffee tasters, and has received a score of 85 SCA in their evaluation. The uniformity and cleanliness of the cup is exceptional, indicating the care and attention that the Morales Pérez family puts into their production process.

In short, the specialty coffee produced by the Morales Pérez family is an example of how passion and knowledge can produce exceptional coffee. The community of Agua Caliente, Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico, is a privileged location for specialty coffee production due to its rich biodiversity and natural environment. If you are a specialty coffee lover, don't miss the opportunity to try the Morales Pérez family coffee, it will surprise you!


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