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The coffee of Don Gabino Pérez and Yolanda Velázquez is a jewel of the coffee production of the indigenous Mam community of Pavencul, located in the Sierra Madre of Chiapas, Mexico. This coffee is the result of years of work and experience of Don Gabino, who since he was a child has worked in the coffee plantations in the area, and has managed to transmit his knowledge to his family and his community.

The Don Gabino and Yolanda coffee trees grow on steep terrain, at an altitude of around 1900 meters above sea level, which gives them a unique flavor and aroma. In addition, the volcanic soils and the biodiversity of the environment contribute to enriching the quality of the coffee.

The sensory profile of this 100% Arabica coffee is exceptional, with a grape, hazelnut and honey aroma, a nutty and vanilla flavor, a dry body and medium acidity. All this makes this coffee a unique sensory experience that is highly valued by lovers of quality coffee.

Purchase Don Gabino and Yolanda Velázquez's coffee with an 84.5 SCA score, to enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee and support the indigenous Mam community of Pavencul in their coffee work. Each cup of this coffee is a sample of the culture and work of a community that has preserved its traditions and identity over time.

SENSORY PROFILE: Aroma: Grape, hazelnut, honey Taste: Nutty, vanilla Body: Dry Acidity: Medium

Weight Price/quantity
250 grams €48/kg
1kg €43.2/kg
3kg €38/kg