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👩‍🌾 Specialty Coffee Peace Project - Urbania Urrao - Antioquia - COLOMBIA - Caturra Chiroso

Discover our specialty coffee with an extraordinary purpose!

At Proyecto Paz, our mission is to help transform the lives of people in marginalized and vulnerable communities in Colombia, including Antioquia and Tolima, where we work on peacebuilding projects. This includes victims of the conflict, former combatants of armed groups and indigenous communities affected by violence.

We work closely with local producers to raise the quality of their coffee, allowing us to buy their crops at fair prices and thus increase their income. This approach seeks to make their production more dignified, prosperous and sustainable, helping to avoid the escalation of the conflict in these regions.

Our commitment does not end here. We work in municipalities such as Briceño (Antioquia) for crop substitution, and in Dabeiba, Peque (Antioquia), Planadas and Alvarado (Tolima) with victims and peace signatories. We also support the preservation of the Andean bear corridor in the conflictive Urrao region, known for active drug trafficking by the "gulf clan." Part of the fair prices we pay our farmers are reinvested in reforestation projects, guaranteeing a future for the only species of bear that lives in South America.


  • Urrao, Antioquia
  • Colombia

Coffee details:

  • Farmers: 10
  • Harvest: 2023
  • Varieties: Caturra Chiroso
  • Altitude: 2,000 - 2,200 meters above sea level
  • Process: Washing
  • Drying: Sun Dried
  • Fermentation: 72 hours

Flavor Profile:

  • Fragrance/Aroma: You will experience the freshness of lemon herbs intertwined with a touch of sweet caramel that will captivate you from the first sip.
  • Taste: You will immerse yourself in the richness and softness of arequipe, a caramel cream that will give you a unique experience, complemented by subtle nuances of white tea that add a distinctive touch.
  • Residual Flavor: You will enjoy a long, fruity flavor that lingers on your palate, leaving a memorable impression in each cup.
  • Acidity: Our coffee features a fruity and citrus acidity that adds an exquisite balance to its flavor profile.

SCA Score: Our coffee has been tested and earned an outstanding score of 87.5 by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), confirming its outstanding quality.

Each cup of our coffee is a testament to our dedication to offering you a unique experience and our commitment to building peace and sustainability in Colombia. Discover for yourself why our specialty coffee is truly extraordinary. It's more than a cup of coffee, it's a masterpiece of flavor and purpose!

Weight Price/quantity
250 grams €60/kg
1kg €49/kg
3kg €45/kg